Pond Clarigen

Water Garden

Pond Clarigenâ„¢ is the ultimate clarifier for ponds. It employs an advanced polymeric flocculating agent that is pond safe. Pond Clarigenâ„¢ is the only clarifier on the market that does it all! Pond Clarigenâ„¢ will clear all types of clouding.

Many companies manufacture multiple products to clear up each type of cloudiness. Some companies have developed products that will clear most types of cloudiness, but their application requires two separate bottles of product. Pond Clarigenâ„¢ contains compounds that will clear all types of cloudiness in all environments. Pond Clarigenâ„¢ contains both precipitating and flocculating agents in the same bottle, enabling all types of cloudiness to be removed in one dose.


Collections: Koi

Category: Koi, Pond, Water Preparation

Type: Water Treatment

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