Zetlight Qmaven Q6-90 Marine LED



Zetlight Qmaven II Q6-90 Marine LED Light Unit Recommended spread up to 36" x 24" Quality CREE LEDs Thinnest Body Available Sleek Black Color Integrated Signature Moonlight Improved Color & Light Blending Includes Tank Mounting Kit Fanless Passive Heatsink IP-67 Water Resistance Rating Build in Wifi Superior CREE LEDs Made In The USA! Cree LED lights are by far the most sought-after diodes available today. Instead of using other brands of LEDs that would work, Zetlight QMaven lights only use the best LEDs available, ensuring your light output is efficient and color accurate.

The QMaven houses the LEDs in a custom lens that helps maximize the use of the light emitted into your aquarium. Wide Illumination The QMaven from Zetlight has an extraordinary spread of light that will help reach every corner of your aquarium. The increased width will help remove excessive shadowing making it perfect for SPS and other high-light demanding corals.

Ultra-Slim Efficient Heat Sink Body The design of the QMaven II lets it effectively cool the LEDs without the need of additional cooling fans that are prone to noise and breakage. The finned body lets air pass over the top of the cooling fins creating a flow of air that will keep the LEDs operating at the proper temperature. It is highly recommended to not place the QMaven in a hood, but above an aquarium, in the open air they work great and look even better.

The sealed body also lets the light get an IP67 water-resistant rating, meaning you no longer need to worry about a small splash of water ruining your light. This Zetlight Qmaven Q6-90 170W LED 34.6" Reef Aquarium Light is a 3rd generation Zetlight Qmaven Light. It has a higher wattage and eight different LED colors (only five in the previous version).

This Qmaven Light can be operated using the free Horizon app. The Horizon app allows users to customize the light’s power, daily schedules, and much more. In addition, the Horizon app is compatible with a wide range of other Zetlight skimmers, wavemakers, and dosing pumps.

Features: Model Q6-90 170 Watts Controlled with a smartphone app (Android & iPhone). Controls four channel colors independently and five periods of brightness. You can connect directly to the light's WiFi, and then you can either use your home or the light's WiFi to make future changes. Light dimensions: 84 cm X 26 cm X 3cm High.

Recommended for 90-120cm long reef tanks with hard and soft corals (up to 24 inches (60.96 cm) deep). For soft corals, the tank can be deeper. Mounting brackets included. The mounting brackets can be extended to accommodate tanks up to 120cm. The hanging kit is sold separately.

No fan. Heat sink keeps light cool. IP67 waterproof rating Excellent color blending (so you don't have dots of color in your substrate). Ample actinic spectrum light. The trim of the light has blue LED lights, which stay on when the light turns off, providing a very unique night light effect.


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