UV Replacement Globe

Ultra Zap

Replacement UV Tube

Kills 99% of bacteria, virus, and protozoan cysts. Perfect solution to purifying well water and other problem water sources containing excessive microorganisms like water from lakes, streams and ponds.

Replacing the tube after use


  • Disconnect the unit from the power supply
  • Remove the UV from the system / manifold and drain all the water
  • Remove the clear end caps and gently pull the electrical connectors off the ends of the tube.
  • Unscrew the blue nuts and remove the o’rings
  • Gently remove the tube from the Unit aand wipe any debris from the ends of the Unit.
  • Gently insert the new tube into the unit and re-fit the o-rings or fit new o-rings if perished
  • Screw the blue nuts back on ensuring a snug fit onto the o-rings without over tightening.
  • Fit the tube connectors to the ends of th tube and cover with the clear PVC caps
  • Re-install the UV to the system and check for leaks and tighten the blue nuts where necessary.

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