Ultrazap Professional Range UV c/w Quartz Sleeve (Marine)

Ultra Zap

The Ultra Zap PRO is supplied with a Quartz Sleeve. The tubes attached to the U.V Sterilizer need to be checked and replaced every 9-12 months. The quartz sleeve prevents water from coming into contact with the UV tube and so can be used in marine or salt water ponds and food production facilities.

Fish ponds, tanks, aquaponic systems, or hydroponic systems with green algae is unpleasant and makes it really hard to determine if your fish have diseases or are possibly injured. The green algae build up also runs the risk of starving the fish and plants of the required oxygen levels. However, when utilising algaecides you may run the risk of over-treatment and possible chemical build within your system. The inhabitants, fish and plants within your system are to a degree sensitive to such algaecides and may affect them.

What does the U.V Steriliser actually do?

The UV Steriliser is important to maintain a clear fish tank or pond throughout the year without adding chemicals that may affect the fish. The unit works by exposing the phototropic micro-organisms (free floating single cell algae) to a dose of U.V. radiation. The U.V. Steriliser effectively assists in destroying harmful pathogens and algae that may exist within your system especially during the warmer months of the year. A U.V. steriliser is used to control infections by stopping the spread of microorganisms from one fish/coral/invertebrate to another through the water. It is also utilised in pond applications, aquaponic and hydroponic systems in order to control free-floating algae.

When operated correctly, free-floating microorganisms will be killed by the UV light. Note that the organisms must be in the water that flows to the UV steriliser. The Ultra Zap U.V. Steriliser will have no effect on the on the inhabitants that exist within your fish tank, water tank, or fish pond. The UV light has no residual effect and will not kill organisms attached to fish.

Installing the U.V. Steriliser

The UV steriliser should be the last piece of equipment in the system before the water is returned to the pond. It should be preceded by the biological and mechanical filters, and any chemical filter or heat exchanger in the system. These units have 50mm inlets and outlets and we use normal 50mm PVC pipe to join them into our systems.

The correct size is about the only complicated part to the use of a sterilizer. For proper use, the UV sterilizer must be matched to the proper flow rate to ensure an efficient kill dose for the organisms you wish to eliminate.


90mm diameter chamber 50mm union in/outlet


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