Sobo Aquarium Air Pump SB-222A/Green

Dorry Pets

Tired of all the gadgets you need to buy to maintain your fish tank? The SB-222A Aquarium Air Pump is a completely submersible automatic cleaning filtration system. Its strong absorption of dirt allows your tank to have that crystal-clear look. Automatic separation of fish feces, Feed residues and other pollutants. The filtration system automatically collects debris to separate the dirt and avoid secondary pollution. Making this filtration pump easy to drain and disassemble. Water circulation, wave making, oxygen blowing and filtration are integrated.

- Efficient design, reduce noise.
- Long-lasting performance
- With Low noise and big output
- 2 Speed Control
- Suction cups to fit any aquarium

- Model: SB-222A (Volume of adjustable gas)
- Output: 3L/min
- Exports: 1
- Pressure; 0.016Mpa
- Power consumption: 3w
- Use of voltage: 220-240v 50/60hz
- Suitable fish tank: Below 90cm depth below 60cm

Collections: Tropical

Category: Airpumps, Tropical

Type: Unknown Type

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