Shrimp Cuisine


Shrimp Cuisineâ„¢ has been scientifically developed after considerable research into the nutritional requirements of delicate and higher end shrimp and utilizes a wide range of ingredients, including vegetable matter herbivorous shrimp prefer like seaweed and spirulina.
Expect Natural, Brilliant Colors & Rapid Growth
Rich in natural color enhancers like spirulina, seaweed and alfalfa meal
Reduces color fading due to the inclusion of astaxanthin
Protein sources which promote rapid growth and proper form
Contains The Minerals Shrimp Require
Promotes proper ecdysis (moulting)
Safe form of copper in an exacting amount which aids in toxin elimination
Vitamin and mineral mix that supports immune system health


Collections: Tropical

Category: Shrimp Food, Tropical

Type: Dry Food

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