SCAPE N 500ml


Scape N was developed to supply Nitrogen, to aquarium plants, in the correct quantities.

By adding one pump (approximately 1ml) of Scape N per 50L of aquarium water on a daily basis, you will be supplying enough Nitrogen for your aquarium plants.

Plant growth will increase over time, and as your plant mass increases, you may increase your dosage of Scape N to keep up with your plants increasing demands.

As with any aquarium, maintaining the balance is critical in keeping your aquarium plants healthy. It is for this reason that we recommend that a 35-50% water change be carried out once a week. This is not to remove fertilizer from the aquarium. It is to remove the waste produced by fish, as well as plants. Plants and fish secrete hormones and waste into aquarium water, and by doing a 50% water change, one can simply halve the amount of waste products within the aquarium, thus keeping the system in balance.

Not only does this maintain the balance, it reintroduces minerals that your aquarium plants require, such as calcium.


If a deficiency should occur, your plant will lose some of the older leaves, as it absorbs the nutrient content in the leaves from the tip of the leaf to the stem of the plant and sheds the old leaf. You may also notice that the new plant leaves are small, white and look wilted. This is a clear sign of a Nitrogen deficiency in your aquatic plant growth.

To counter this problem, one should immediately carry out a 50% water change, ensuring that you remove the dead leaf matter from the bottom of the aquarium. Once the aquarium is filled again, you can begin dosing Scape N as per the instructions on the bottle.

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