Saki Hikari Marine Herbivore


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For years the formulation team at Hikari® has worked diligently to identify a probiotic that would be beneficial to marine herbivores. Once they isolated the preferred bacteria from literally thousands of options, they continued to work on a diet that would bring about the same results our koi consumers have enjoyed for more than a decade. After many years and countless feeding trials Saki-Hikari® Marine Herbivore is the result. A diet all marine herbivores and omnivores crave!
The World's 1st Probiotic Enhanced Marine Fish Diet
Offers an incredible nutrient mix
With continued and exclusive use brings "just off the reef" coloration
Helps reduce waste volume and size reducing the load on your aquarium's bio-action
Expect growth and form that are as close to that of actual reef specimens as humanly possible


Collections: Marine

Category: Marine, Marine Fish Food

Type: Dry Food

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