Saki Hikari Fancy Goldfish Color


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A professional use, daily diet offering "Hikari Germ" our proprietary probiotic and aggressive color enhancing capacity for all types of premium-grade or fancy goldfish, especially Ranchu.
Rich in highly purified Astaxanthin (a carotenoid) and pure cultured spirulina, offering lab verified, vivid color-enhancement of the reds without negatively impacting the whites
A highly balanced formulation which promotes improved growth and desirable form while offering rapid assimilation
Rich in Vitamin-E and stabilized Vitamin-C offering outstanding immune system support
The Hikari-Germâ„¢ helps reduce and recondition waste thereby improving overall water quality, filter effectiveness and regularly scheduled maintenance when used as directed


Collections: Tropical

Category: Goldfish Food, Tropical

Type: Dry Food

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