SAGA Dual Gauge Regulator & Solenoid


The Single stage regulator with adjustable pressure will reduce the high pressure of a CO2 cylinder to a lower and usable pressure for use in the aquarium. The ability to adjust the working/output pressure ensures the regulator will be able to meet the needs of any aquarium requirements; whether that is operating a single CO2 diffuser, or multiple diffusers, this regulator can be adjusted to deliver the pressure that's needed.

A high-precision needle valve is fitted as standard, which gives you easy and incredibly accurate control of CO2 dosing. As a result, the regulator is suitable for small/nano aquariums as the bubble rate (dose) can be reduced as low as 1 bubble / 10 seconds.

Because the needle valve can rotate, the regulator can be used with either horizontal or vertical cylinder valves. The stem/nut can also be removed and can then connect to nano cartridges, making the regulator suitable for nano aquariums, and much larger aquariums.

The integrated solenoid valve provides the ability to automatically shut off the CO2 at timed intervals, e.g. to sync with the aquarium lighting. This ensure CO2 is not being dosed when it's not needed, and will therefore extend the lifespan of your CO2 cylinder and save money. The 12v DC solenoid (mains transformer included) provides safe, low temperature, and guaranteed no noise operation.

Dual pressure gauges indicate the cylinder pressure and the output / working pressure.


  • Tighten the regulator to your CO2 cylinder using a spanner or wrench. Do not use your hands to tighten, it will not create sufficient seal and be likely to leak.
  • Set the output pressure to minimum by turning the pressure adjuster knob fully anticlockwise.
  • Close the needle valve by turning fully clockwise.
  • Plug the solenoid into a mains socket and switch on.
  • Open the flow of gas from your CO2 cylinder.
  • The cylinder pressure gauge will now indicate the pressure of the cylinder. Turn the pressure adjuster clockwise until it reads 40PSI, which is a good starting point for a single diffuser installation.
  • With the bubble counter attached, turn the needle valve anticlockwise to achieve the bubble rate desired. 1 bubble / second is suitable for a 150L aquarium - adjust your dosing in accordance to this, i.e. 2 bubble / second for 300L aquarium.

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