Reef Factory Smart Wave

Reef Factory

Key features

  • Modern design and a wide flow stream
  • Suitable for glass thickness up to 20mm maximum 
  • Control through the Smart Reef app with 4 pump operation modes: constant, sine, square, and random 
  • Double sealing of the parts that come into contact with water significantly reduces the risk of rusting 
  • Wide range of pump adjustment settings in the aquarium 
  • Quiet and energy-efficient work of the pump
  • Additional display on the controller showing the pump power in percentages 
  • High energy efficiency - excellent flow to power consumption ratio (4000 L/h - 10W, 10,000 L/h - 20W, 13,000 L/h - 30W) 
  • 12-month warranty


Smart functionalities

  • Free and user-friendly Smart Reef app for Android, iOS, or computer (browser-based operation) 
  • Completely new interface for quick and easy configuration 
  • Clear schedule allowing for the setting of the pump's daily operation, power change points, and circulation modes 
  • Smooth power adjustment capability
  • Feeding mode - the ability to remotely stop the pump during feeding time and program when it should resume operation 
  • Remote on/off functionality
  • Push notifications on the mobile device

Various circulation modes

  • Smart wave offers up to four water flow modes that can be set according to the individual needs of the tank:
  • constant mode - constant water flow at the specified power
  • sine mode - variable water flow with smooth changes in power within a specified range
  • square mode - variable water flow with abrupt changes in power within a specified range 
  • random mode - variable water flow with random changes in power within a specified range

Technical specifications and price


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Category: Marine, Wave Makers

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