Reef Factory’s KH Keeper Plus

Reef Factory

The new state of the art innovation from Reef Factory is set to transform automated control of alkalinity in the Marine Aquarium Industry. Accurate, easy to configure, intuitive to use and with a compact footprint makes this device one of a kind in it’s class.

High-quality components and precise control algorithms determine that the device provides extremely accurate readings, even 0,01 point in result. If Kh drops too quickly between measurements the device will repeat the test and if the result is confirmed will send a notification to the user. An aquarist can set a value in the measurement difference.

No central Computer required. Advanced control and simple to use. All Reef Factory devices on the same app.

WiFi connection and Smart reef system management. Alerts through text an email when KH level is out of the chosen range and when KH levels changes too fast, either increased or decreased.

KH Keeper measures samples of water directly from the aquarium and tests Alkalinity.

Readings are programmed at maximum every 1 hour – 12 per day.

Status is shown on Smart Reef dashboard along with historical readings

Alerts will be sent via text and email when kH reading is outside chosen parameters.

Historical readings are available for 1 day to 1 year prior.
Corrections can be made using a Reef Factory Dosing Pump – purchased separately.

Readings are taken using a Reagent – sizes are 1 ltr and 2.5 ltr stored separately.

Reagent Mix Ratio: 1L reagent / 9L RO water.

Reagent Test Sample: 7ml.

Reagent of 1L will provide 1,429 tests at a cost of €0.035 cent per test

Measuring range: 5 dKH – 15dKH

Pumps included 1 stepper pump, 2 dc pumps

Technology pH-electrode-based titration


Aquarium: takes and get back water to the aquarium / sump
Reagent: takes reagent from the container
Out: trash water
Dimensions: 10,5 x 9 x 21 cm

Charger 12V

2 year consumer warranty

Collections: Marine

Category: Accessories, Marine

Type: Unknown Type

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