Reef Factory Dosing pump Pro X1

Reef Factory

The new Dosing Pump Pro series is an innovative and highly refined dosing pump for marine aquariums. It enables precise dosing of minerals, trace elements and other supplements in the aquarium. The silent, bidirectional stepper motor offers a range of completely new possibilities. The patented, ultra-precise Reef Factory pumps are an excellent way to take marine aquarium dosing to the next level.

The new Dosing Pump Pro combines a device of the highest quality with what Reef Factory does best: free and functional software. The clear and exceptionally intuitive panel, combined with efficient WiFi communication, ensures ease of use. Our Smart Reef application enables remote replenishment and comprehensive real-time monitoring anywhere in the world. When it comes to dosing liquids in a marine aquarium, there are no compromises and that is exactly what our new Dosing Pump Pro offers.

Collections: Marine

Category: Dosing Pumps, Marine

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