Red Sea ReefATO+ Upgrade Kit

Red Sea

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Exceptionally reliable and smart ATO, temperature monitor and leak detector

Smart, Safe & Quiet. The ReefATO+ is designed to maintain a stable salinity and water volume in a reef aquarium by automatically replenishing the water lost due to evaporation.

This is not just a top-up! Fully control via the ReefBeat App provides complete peace of mind with alerts via your mobile device when you are around your aquarium. Complete with an installation kit that includes tube holders, clips and non-return valves you could ever need, the ATO+ proves every last detail has been thought about, something we have come to expect from Red Sea in recent times!

In addition, the ReefATO+ provides two other critical aquarium health indicators: a fully featured online digital temperature monitor and a leak detector.

ATO+ Sensor

Slim-line, multi-input, titanium probe, solid state (EC technology) water level sensor, with a built-in digital thermometer accurate to 0.1 degrees.

ATO Pump

Quiet, variable flow, serviceable ATO pump (6-10w). Diameter 4.5cm, max flow 300lph/75 gph with a max head height of 2.5 meters.

Leak Detector

Highly Sensitive, REEF-SPEC, titanium probe leak detector for RO & saltwater. Triggers notifications via the ReefBeat App and features an audible alarm.

Smart Controller

The microprocessor monitors and reliably controls all of the components and connects them to the Reef Beat eco-system.

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