Pod Motel

Pod Motel

Do you ever see your copepods homeless, roaming the glass or rocks looking for a home? The Pod Hotel is the solution to their problems with multiple  levels of vacant rooms ready for them to set up a temporary home in. If your aquarium does not utilize a refugium the Pod Hotel makes a great home for them without needing a bunch of real estate. 

  • Great for mandrins and wrasses
  • Easy live food solution
  • Made of 100% reef safe materials
  • Compact and easy to use


Each Pod Hotel can be easily transported from your sump/refugium up to your display tank for a quick delicious treat that your fish and corals will love! Just turn on a bright light over the hotel and in a few minutes, the pods will scatter into their new homes. After they all take refuge in the hotel you can transfer it up to your tank and shake it around to disperse the pods or leave it for an hour or so to let them come out to explore the new territory on their own. 

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