Orca Res-Q-Reef 45g


Highly Effective treatment against soft and hard coral parasites Will not cause stress responses to corals Res-Q-Reef is a highly effective and easy to use coral and frag dip used for the treatment of infested corals.It can also be used before introducing new corals and frags into your aquarium during the acclimation processRes-Q-Reef is an effective treatment against Nudibrancers, Flatworms, Bristleworms and many other unwanted coral eating parasites. Directions For Use:NEVER ADD THIS PRODUCT DIRECTLY YO YOUR AQUARIUM.Prepare 4l of aquarium water in a plastic container. Accurately weigh out 45g of Res-Q-Reef, add to plastic container and stir until completely dissolved. Place corals inside the container for 5 minutes. It is advisable to use a turkey baster to blow water on the coral to dislodge any parasites. Treatment is complete after 5 minutes and the coral can be placed directly into the aquarium. Many corals can be treated in the same water. Caution:NEVER ADD THIS PRODUCT DIRECTLY YO YOUR AQUARIUM. Keep out of reach of children and animal. Not for human consumption.

Collections: Marine

Category: Coral Health, Marine

Type: Unknown Type

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