Orca Labs Phospha Guard Bio-Cubes


  • 100% Natural, biological Phosphate removal......No Heavy Metals
  • Effectively Reduces Phosphate in Freshwater and Seawater
  • Easy and Convenient use.....No daily feedings or doings
  • MASSIVELY Reduces Water Changes

Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes is the world’s first solid carbohydrate based phosphate remover that naturally removes phosphate from both freshwater and seawater.

Unlike competing products that use heavy metals to remove phosphate, Phospha-Guard Bio- Cubes uses Redfield’s Ratio to remove Phosphate. Using this all natural method gives far greater performance over competing product. Unlike pellets, Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes is a “pointof- source” treatment which prevents system crashes occurring. The biomass created by Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes contains no ferric oxide / hydroxide and is completely non-toxic. In fact, the biomass created by the heterotrophic bacteria is also a great source of nutrition for corals and other filter feeders such as clams.

Phospha-Guard Bio-Cubes requires virtually no maintenance and does not require an expensive fluidized media reactor to operate.

500 ml treats up to 650 Liters depending on Phosphate Levels.


Collections: Marine

Category: Filtration Media, Marine

Type: Unknown Type

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