Orca Labs Organ Ex Micro


  • The Fastest and most Powerful Organic Waste Absorber Available
  • Absorbs Organic Wastes and Tannins for Sparkling Clean and Clear Water
  • New Hybrid Polymer that can Regenerate with Both Household Bleach and Salt
  • Assists in Controlling Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate
  • Freshwater and Seawater Use

ORGAN-EX is a specially engineered hybrid macro-porous polymer with dual functionality. It removes both soluble and insoluble impurities from water like no other absorbent in the world. It super effectively removes tannins that stain water yellow along with other dissolved and undissolved organic wastes that discolour aquarium water leaving the water sparkling clean and crystal clear. 

Years of scientific research has created a unique polymer with a very high selectivity for organic wastes tannins while leaving trace elements and other necessary nutrients virtually untouched. It can be regenerated using household bleach, or using a strong brine solution, making Organ-EX extremely cost effective.

500 ml treats up to 264 gallons depending on water conditions.


Collections: Marine

Category: Filtration Media, Marine

Type: Unknown Type

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