O2 - Freshwater (Include Hanging Kits)

Dorry Pets

High-quality full spectrum light for freshwater aquariums.

Aligned with contemporary home interior design.

* Luxury lampshade 

* Controllability

* Full-spectrum

* Thermal protection

* Smart fan

* High color rendering

* Mobile app control

* Hanging kits included ( mounting bracket sold separately)

Well selected LED Ratio with 6 different types of LEDs ensures photosynthesis, plant growth and optimal visual experience. A well balanced color mix offers excellent coloration throughout the aquarium.

 Hi CRI provides good color rendition and mimics natural sunlight. It gives a more natural look to the aquarium.

Spectrum designed for freshwater aquarium restores the nature of aquatic plants and provides sufficient photosynthesis.

photosynthesis is the process by which plants use sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to create oxygen. The growth of aquatic plants requires red and blue light.

Coverage : 60X60cm cube

Manual control 3-switch for easy and quick access

Specifications :

Power : 70W

Voltage : DC24V

LED White : 6500K

LED Green : 520-530NM

LED Violet : 400-410NM

LED Red : 620-630NM

LED Deep Red : 660-670NM

Dimensions : 133X136MM

Suitable aquarium size : 45-60CM


Collections: Tropical

Category: Led Fixtures, Tropical

Type: Unknown Type

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