Micro Pellets


Small pellets designed specifically for smaller-mouth fishes, providing them superior nutrition with excellent digestibility. The micro-coating maintains nutrient integrity while the nutrition packed pellets offer outstanding value compared to flakes.
Nutrition Smaller Fish Require
The premium-select marine and vegetable protein mix is ideal for small tropical fish who require larger energy reserves
A unique balance of Krill and Spirulina along with Bio-Technology offers vivid coloration
The precisely colored granule improves underwater visibility thereby resulting in more rapid acceptance and less uneaten food than competitive products
Developed to offer a "value" option when compared to most flake foods and eliminate the need for you to crush the flakes before feeding
A Pellet With A Purpose
This semi-floating diet utilizes micro-coating technology to lock in its unique nutritional components while reducing the chances of water clouding
The rapidly softening pellet provides a softer texture that's ideally suited for most smaller community tank fishes
This smaller granule allows even the smallest of fish ready access to the nutrient package


Collections: Tropical

Category: Tropical, Tropical Food

Type: Dry Food

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