MarinePure MP2C Cubes - 1 Cubic Feet


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     * Quickly removes toxic ammonia and nitrites and reduces nitrates

     * Ideal in external filters, pressure filters, or directly below waterfalls
     * Helps support large pond fish loads with lower filtration footprint

Achieve excellent pond water quality using a smaller filtration footprint with MarinePure High Performance BioFilter Media. MarinePure High Performance Biofilter Media is made from an inert, ceramic material with extremely vast surface area, open-flow pores, and natural wetting properties that allow beneficial bacteria to develop quickly and flourish. Porous, open-flow design means contaminants are given maximum exposure time to the beneficial bacteria, providing excellent removal of ammonia and nitrites while also minimizing nitrates. Its high performance and reusability make this media an excellent value. Made in the USA.

A thin bio-film easily develops on this media, and dead bio-film is easily flushed away to prevent clogging. With greater than 80% porosity, water flows through this media, not around it, providing an incredible amount of surface area for extremely large numbers of beneficial bacteria. MarinePure is a great way to deliver consistent water chemistry, even with a large fish load, so you can spend your time enjoying your pond rather than maintaining it!

MarinePure Biofilter Media can be cleaned, reused and sterilized. Use MarinePure in external filters, pressure filters, waterfall filters, below waterfalls, and even inside the pond to greatly reduce maintenance.


Directions for Use

Rinse new media under tap water to remove any loose particles. Rinse again with pond water to remove any chlorine from tap water. Locate media in sump, inside filter, or place directly in water flow.

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Category: Filtration Media, Marine, Tropical

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