Marine S


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Marine -Sâ„¢ is formulated to help improve metabolic action while enhancing the brilliant colors you bought your marine fish for, helping them look their best. Our oxygen barrier bag helps lock in the nutrition and the proprietary pellet design makes it easy for smaller fish to partake of the excellent nutrient mix.
Nutritional Excellence From Beneficial Ingredients
Chitosan to support digestive system health
Stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health
Shrimp Meal for excellent, natural color enhancing benefits
One of our highest protein levels, consistent with the foods your fish would eat on the reef
Bio-Technology allows us to provide your fish with a nutritional package that will have them looking like they just came off the reef
A Pellet Design That Matters
Porous pellet immediately becomes soft and sponge-like, a texture your marine fish are instinctively accustomed to
The soft texture makes it ideal for all smaller marine carnivores or omnivores
Remains intact for longer periods allowing grazing


Collections: Marine

Category: Marine, Marine Fish Food

Type: Dry Food

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