Epic Aquatics Ludwigia arcuata


Ludwigia arcuata is one of the most delicatelooking Ludwigia species. It is widely spread in aquaristics and originates in the southeast of the USA, where it grows creeping or submersed along rivers and on the edges of ponds. It is also found in boggy areas.L arcuata is as easy as propagating any stem plant, and as this species tends to have lots of lateral shoots they just have to be cut off and re-planted. You can also take cuttings of the top shoot. Due to its delicate structure, Ludwigia arcuata ought to be planted in groups of at least 6 stems.

It needs more light to develop a red stem and red leaves, and it does best in slightly acidic soft to medium-hard water. Most decorative when planted in groups. Due to its small size Ludwigia arcuata is suitable for smaller tanks. In its emerged form it can be used as creeping terrarium plant, and if it has sufficient light it will sprout relatively large yellow flowers.

Just like fish, living plants do best when they are kept in an aquarium that best suits their needs. Selecting live plants that share common water conditions will minimize problems and make it easier for you to maintain and keep your aquarium in tip top shape.


Category: Aquarium Plants

Type: Unknown Type

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