Lionhead Mini


Lionhead goldfish have a rare and exquisite beauty which makes them the elite class of all goldfish. Belief that natural, live foods were indispensable in creating the desirable lionhead shape were rebuffed after our long and strenuous laboratory research proved similar results were possible without any live food feeding.
A Uniquely Designed Pellet
Offers rapid acceptance and digestion while accelerating the prominent head growth you desire
Developed to bring out the true colors goldfish are known for
The sinking pellet allows liohead easy access to the nutrition without migrating to the surface to feed
Desirable Form Possible Without Live Foods
Marvelous growth of pronounced head
Live food not required, eliminating the potential for parasite or bacteria problems
A Nutrient Package Finely Tuned For Performance
Offers superior and safe color enhancement through the use of Bio-Technology
Carefully selected ingredients offer rapid growth without losing desirable form
Added vitamins and minerals in combination with the protein sources support immune system health


Collections: Tropical

Category: Goldfish Food, Tropical

Type: Dry Food

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