Kamoer X1 PRO2 WiFi Dosing Micro Pump


X1 PRO 2 is a single-channel intelligent dosing pump with WIFI remote function, mainly used to add the various elements needed for marine life growth, such as calcium, magnesium, KH booster, trace elements, etc. to marine life cylinder timing, quantitative and accurate. The automation of X1 PRO 2 can greatly reduce the amount of manual added work, but also avoid manual addition caused by leakage, adding excessive or insufficient errors.

Basic Parameters

▲ Power Adapter: Input: 100VAC -240VAC; Output: DC12V 1A ▲ Dosing parameters: Dosing channel: 1 KXF-B06 pump head ▲ Flow: >33ml/min ▲ Number of dosing:24 times/day - 1 time/99 days ▲ Dosing accuracy:<±2% ▲ Volume range:0.1ml-9999ml ▲ Interface: Wi-Fi ▲ Working environment: Temperatures: 0 - 70℃ Humidity: 10% - 90% (non-condensation) ▲ Storage environment: Temperature: -20C - 85℃ Humidity: 10% - 90% (non-condensation) ▲ Dimensions (L*W*H): 60 x 95 x 83 mm (including pump head) ▲ Weight: 214g (does not include power adapter)

Packing List

01 X1 PRO2 WiFI Host ×1 02 Power adapter body ×1(DC12V 1A) 03 Power adapter plug ×1(US/UK/EU/AU) 04 Plastic cylinder ×1(10ml) 05 PVC connection tube(3*5 mm;Transparent 2m) 06 Power extension cable(L-type;75mm) 07 Quick start guide English ×1 08 Hanging screw ×2 (ST2.9*13)

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Category: Dosing Pumps, Marine

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