Kamoer X1 PRO T2 Stepper Motor Peristaltic Dosing pump


Kamoer X1 PRO T 2 is remotely controlled via a mobile phone app. Using a long-life stepper motor which can be used as a dosing pump or a calcium reaction pump.

When used as a dosing pump, it can flexibly and accurately replenish various elements required for the growth of marine organisms, such as calcium, magnesium, KH enhancer, trace elements, etc to the marine biological tank. Through automatic addition, the work load of manual addition can be greatly reduced, and errors such as missed addition, excessive addition or insufficient addition caused by manual addition can also be avoided.

When used as a calcium reaction pump, it can provide a stable flow of water to the calcium reactor.


  • Compact footprint with single pump head.
  • precision stepper motor with direct-drive, geard pump head for greater accuracy.
  • Pharmed BPT long life pump tubing, threaded connections on pump head for greater secruity.
  • Adjustable flow rate and calibration function.
  • Synchronize network time and battery backup features retains correct time.
  • Remote control via Kamoer Remote App which supports IOS and android.
  • Auto, manual or continuous modes.
  • Up to 24 dosing points per day, custom dosing period, dosing frequency with daily/every 'X' days/specific days.
  • Calculate and display the amount of liquid left in container.



Collections: Marine

Category: Dosing Pumps, Marine

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