Kamoer ATO One SE


Kamoer ATO One SE is a smart water replenishing device for meeting the needs of using freshwater reservoir. As long as the sensors and refill pump are installed, it can work after powering on without any settings. A Kamoer standard 1 optical level sensor is used to monitor the water level to determine whether water needs to be replenished, whilst the Kamoer standard 1 float level sensor is used to prevent overflow.

An optional float level sensor is available to monitor the freshwater reservoir for water shortage.

The Kamoer ATO One SE is rich in status indicators. When the Anti-overflow Sensor or overtime, the refill pump is not inserted or the freshwater reservoir is short of water, the ATO One SE will have an indicator light and a buzzer alarm. 

Package Includes:

  • Controller
    • The controller comes with 2 level sensors: Float sensor (S1) and Optical sensor (S2) 
    • Optical bracket (large mouth) x 1
    • Float bracket (small mouth) x 1
    • Plastic magnet x 4
  • Power Adapter x 1 DC 12V 1A Support US/EU/GB/ AUS standard
  • Refill Pump x 1 For refilling water
  • Tube Holder x 1 For fixing water pipes
  • Siphon Break x 1 1/4straight through to prevent siphoning
  • PVC pump tube x 2 m Pipe diameter 8x11mm
  • Quick Start Guide


Step 1: Mount the optical sensor (S2) to normal water level. Note that the optical level sensor should be away from the air bubbles, otherwise it will be misunderstood due to interference.

Step 2: Mount the float sensor (S1) above normal water level. If the water level reaches this position, it means that the optical sensor has failed, the device will alarm and force the refill pump to stop working. Note that the float sensor bracket cannot be reversed and should be away from the floater, otherwise the plastic magnet will interfere with the sensor signal;

Step 3: Connect ATO refill tube(Pump<-> Siphon Break <-> Tube Holder)。Note the siphon break should be installed in the freshwater reservoir and ensure that it is higher than the position of the liquid level of the freshwater reservoir at any time.

Step 4: Connect the refill pump’s cable to the Pump jack; Note that there is a valve control flow on the make-up water pump net cover, which is set to the required position according to the actual use.

Step 5: Connect the adapter’s cable to the DC12V jack and power up the adapter.

Please Note: 

  • Please use the power adapter that comes with the product. 
  • The optical liquid level sensor is susceptible to the influence of dirt. Please pay attention to erasing the dirt on the sensor. 
  • This product does not have waterproof function. Please use it in the environment of temperature 0-40 ° C and humidity <80%.

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