Kamoer A1 WiFi Dosing Pump


A1 is a single channel Wi-Fi dosing pump. The structure is equipped with a long-life imported pump tube, and the service life is guaranteed. A1 can flexibly and accurately supplement various trace elements required for the growth of marine organisms to the marine biological tank through the remote control of mobile app.

Through automatic addition, the workload of manual addition can be greatly reduced, and errors such as missing addition, excessive or insufficient addition caused by manual addition can also be avoided.

In addition, A1 changed the product concept of pump liquid separation before, refined the pump, and added a solution bottle, which solved the space problem of connecting the pump and dosing barrel with a long pump tube in the past. It makes the product more convenient to use and makes the environment around the sea tank more beautiful.



Collections: Marine

Category: Dosing Pumps, Marine

Type: Unknown Type

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