Ista – Disposable Co2 can (3pcs)


A simple way to supply CO2 to your planted tank.
Replacement CO2 canister to ISTA CO2 Diffuser Set.


  • Compact and convenient in setting up. Transparent, nice looking and won’t deform
  • A simply way to efficiently dissolve CO2 into the water.
  • Extendable in dissolving rate simply by connecting chambers. Suitable for both small and medium size tank.
  • Perfect chamber length in activating with water current to ensure efficient diffusion.

Set up

  • Vertically place the Diffuser into the tank to fill up the camber with aquarium water.
  • Secure diffuser in tank with suction cups
  • Cover and fasten the air outlet (positioned on the top side of diffuser) with rubber cup
  • Connect the CO2 inlet (positioned on the by side of diffuser) with CO2 Canister through a airline tubing and gently fill up the chamber of diffuser with CO2.
  • With ISTA Disposable CO2 Canister, it 550 cc (at 1ATM 25℃).

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Category: Co2, Tropical

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