Epic Aquatics Hydrocotyle verticillata


In contrast to other pennyworts like Hydrocotyle leucocephala, Hydrocotyle verticillata keeps its creeping growth habit in the aquarium. With its uncommon shield-like leaves it is a true eye-catcher when used as ground-covering plant or group planting in the fore- or middle ground. For ideal growth, good lighting and not overly hard water are recommendable. It can be kept emerged, too. Then it can even be cultivated as houseplant, or – during the warm season – as potted plant in the garden.

In the warmer regions of the Americas, Hydrocotyle verticillata is quite a common plant. It prefers very moist soils and also grows in shallow water. It differs from the more wide-spread H. leucocephala by the form of its leaves that are formed like a tiny parasol and have no slot.

Cultivating H. verticillata in an aquarium is not really difficult. One of the most important factors is light, as its height depends on light intensity. The more intense, the smaller the plant will stay. Apart from that, its demands regarding nutrients and CO2 supply are quite easy to meet. A balanced supply of nutrients and CO2 injection are beneficial to the plant’s growth, though. However, if abundant nutrients are added, unfortunately the dwarfism so many hobbyists covet in this plant will disappear and it will grow much larger leaves.


Category: Aquarium Plants

Type: Unknown Type

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