Goldfish Staple


Extensive research into the eating habits and living conditions of goldfish and baby koi provided us with the knowledge to develop Hikari® Goldfish Staple™. This economical, daily diet for goldfish and koi fry will provide them with the basic nutrition they require to properly develop.
An Ideally Sized Pellet
This economical diet offers ready acceptance and digestion
Developed to help goldfish or baby koi develop proper form
The floating pellet allows younger users to easily see what the goldfish or baby koi is consuming so they can easily avoid over-feeding
A Nutrient Package Finely Tuned For Growth
Contains a nutrient package scientifically formulated for growth
Carefully selected ingredients offer a taste goldfish and baby koi readily accept
Added vitamins and minerals, including stabilized vitamin C, support immune system health


Collections: Tropical

Category: Goldfish Food, Tropical

Type: Dry Food

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