Goldfish Gold


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An optimally sized pellet that is scientifically formulated to bring out the vibrant colors in goldfish and baby koi. Rich in carotene, an easily assimilated color enhancer, Goldfish Gold® offers your aquatic pet a nutrient package fine tuned to support their immune system while helping them develop desirable form and loads of energy.
An Ideally Sized Pellet
Offers rapid acceptance and digestion
Developed to bring out the true colors goldfish are known for
The floating pellet allows younger users to easily see what the goldfish is consuming so they can easily avoid over-feeding
Color Enhancing Daily Diet Containing Stabilized Vitamin C
Supports immune system health
Contains carotene for active color enhancement which will bring out your fish's true beauty
Great taste plus outstanding nutrition to promote a long, health-filled life


Collections: Tropical

Category: Goldfish Food, Tropical

Type: Dry Food

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