First Bites { Fry Food }


Scientifically formulated to provide newborn fish the exacting nutritional balance they require during the earliest developmental stages of their lives. High in superior protein sources offering newborns ideal nutrient sources, First Bites® will help your newborns develop excellent body form, exacting coloration and proper organ development. Give your fry their best chance at a long and health-filled life.
Rich In Highly Nutritious, Freshly Harvested Ingredients
Unique low-heat production process prevents dissipation of necessary vitamins, nutrients and amino-acids
Expect rapid growth free of dietary deformites or deficiencies
Helps fry develop superior disease resistance
Great for livebearers and egglayers
Semi-Floating Food
Promotes proper feeding habits
Reduces chances of over-feeding
Reduces waste and saves money


Collections: Tropical

Category: Tropical, Tropical Food

Type: Dry Food

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