Fancy Guppy


A buoyant, protein rich granule that stays in the water column and was developed as a result of extensive research into habits of many types of guppies & livebearers with the purpose of improving their breeding habits, habits, growth rates and coloration while helping support immune system health by providing unique ingredients they require.
A Unique Pellet With A Purpose
Originally the world's smallest fish food pellet
Becomes soft and sponge-like in water, yet won't dissolve
Encapsulation process prevents dissipation of indispensable nutrients guppies need
Slowly sinks allowing all fish ready access to its nutrition
Will not cloud the water when used as directed
A Scientific Formulation Offering Unique Ingredients
Rich in natural color enhancers
High in linolenic acid to promote growth and activate the breeding process
Includes chitosan and stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health
Contains a special iodine derived from seaweed which improves overall conditioning


Collections: Tropical

Category: Tropical, Tropical Food

Type: Dry Food

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