Epic Aquatics Mini-Orchid Dendrobium Angel Baby


Mini-Orchid Dendrobium Angel Baby is a truly miniature warmth-tolerant nobile dendrobium standing less than 12" tall.

Multitudes of deliciously fragrant charming flowers, accented with bright lime green in the lips. Can bloom more than once a year on a mature plant.

Mini-Orchid Dendrobium Angel Baby is Small enough to fit into any collection and perfect for windowsill and under-lights growing.

A must for every collection, no matter how big or small.

Care Instructions:

Lighting : Medium to high Lighting, RGB preferred or windowsill

Watering : Drench once a week and light spray of water every 2 to 3 days : DOOA Wabi mist preferred.

Planting : Attach to rocks or wood (Dooa Terra line, Terra tape, Epic plant glue) Perfectly suited for Terrariums, Paludariums and Vivarium's. The roots attach to wood and rocks easily by using the ADA DOOA Terra Tape and Terra line . They can also be potted but must have the correct grow medium, substrate and nutrients to be successful. We want your plant to thrive and become a favourite part of your home.

Do research before purchasing and be sure to choose plants that are suitable for your intended environment so you will get the most out of your new addition.

An important note: This is a Mini Orchid and is very small in size. This is what makes them so unique, please read up on the size of Mini orchids to avoid disappointment. 


Category: Mini Orchid, Terrarium Plants

Type: Unknown Type

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