Epic Root Tabs

Dorry Pets

Epic Root Tabs are extremely powerful. 1 tab treats a 10 x 10 square inch surface area and lasts for 2 – 3 months. We have tested this product in numerous tanks and it is not harmful to living organisms such as fish and aquatic plants when used correctly. All of our <a href=”https://easyscape.co.za/product-category/aquatic-plants/potted-plants/”>Epic Aquatics plants</a> have Epic Root tabs in them to make sure they have the right nutrients in them when being delivered to you.


Are root tabs safe for fish, shrimp, and snails?

Yes, our brand of root tabs is safe for all animals. The reason is because we use actual soil in our root tabs that is nontoxic if the nutrients get released into the water column. Some people try to save money by making their own DIY root tabs or using fertilizers meant for houseplants and vegetables, but those terrestrial products can cause dangerous ammonia spikes in the water that may kill your fish and invertebrates.

Because root tabs are water soluble, the key is to insert them into the substrate as quickly and deeply as possible. It’s okay if Easy Root Tabs accidentally pop out or get unearthed by your fish because they won’t harm the water quality, but ultimately, we want the root feeders to have access to more nutrients in the ground. Therefore, use planting tweezers or your fingers to push the whole root tab to the bottom of the substrate. (Do not remove the fertilizer from the capsule or else it will dissolve in the water column.)

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