Dymax Crystal Lily Pipe


Crystal Glass Lily Pipes by Dymax work beautifully in planted aquarium tanks. These aquarium filter lily pipes are constructed from high-quality quartz glass and are scratch resistant when performing aquarium maintenance. Crafted from premium glass means that its clarity does not obstruct from the view of an aquascape layout within an aquarium tank. It will blend seamlessly while ensuring an aquarium tank is provided with essential filtration needed for success. Dymax Glass Lily Pipe provides optimal flow and circulation ensuring the aquarium tank is aerated properly. Proper filtration and circulation are both very important for an aquarium as it ensures that nutrients and CO2 gas are distributed evenly, resulting in lush aquatic plant growth instead of algae manifestation.

These glass aquarium lily pipes are also versatile and can be used in saltwater reefs and marine aquarium tanks. Setup for these lily pipes is simple and includes both inflow and outflow pipes. Available in two different sizes for different external aquarium canister filters.

PRO TIP: Lifting the outflow lily pipe slightly above the water surface line provides a highly effective method of oxygen aeration and prevention of surface oil build-up. It is common practice in the planted aquarium hobby to do this while aquarium lights are off resulting in a generally healthier aquarium environment. In addition, aquarium inhabitants such as fish, shrimp, and bacteria will benefit tremendously from this.

Set Includes:
Inflow Glass Lily Pipe
Outflow Glass Lily Pipe
4 Aquarium Suction Cups

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