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DOOA Terra Base is a new item of DOOA brand product that can easily grow epiphytes such as mosses, ferns and small orchids.
By combining various epiphytes, you can enjoy the tree-like atmosphere of a cloud forest that spreads in the tropical highlands. This time, let us introduce such Terra Base features and usage.

DOOA Terra Base is made of ceramic and has a cylindrical shape with a bottom. At first glance it has a simple shape, but there are various ideas. DOOA Neo Glass Air W20 × D20 × H35 (cm), which is matched to Terra Base M size, was also released at the same time. Size: Ø10 × H23 (cm)

Enjoy the growth of epiphytes easily with Terra Base

So far, ADA has developed a product group for Aqua-Terrariums, which is to enjoy aquatic plant layouts in emerged environment, in parallel with the Nature Aquarium, under the DOOA brand. Its iconic products are System Terra 30 and Wabi-Kusa Wall 60 (now renamed Mizukusa Wall 60). Both are designed to grow epiphytes on the wall by using Wabi-Kusa Mats, and have played a role in proposing new ways of enjoying aquatic plants that are not limited to underwater. Only the emersed leaves of aquatic plants were initially used for the walls of Aqua-Terrariums. But later on, the land plants that also grow on walls, including some types of wild Begonias and small epiphytic orchids with attractive flowers and unique leaves, were introduced to the Aqua-Terrarium layout. Terra Base was developed to make it easier to enjoy growing these epiphytes. In a full-scale Aqua-Terrarium, it is necessary to use a special system to constantly run water on the wall and generate a mist to maintain humidity, but combining Terra Base with the corresponding Neo Glass Air, it is possible to cultivate epiphytes without using any electricity. Because Terra Base is made of unglazed pottery, the water filled in it will seep out little by little on the surface, and can supply moisture to epiphytes that are wound on the surface. In addition to that, the heat of evaporation of water from the surface suppresses the temperature rise, and random irregularities on the surface allow epiphytes to grow easily. Why not taste the atmosphere of the tropical cloud forest covered with epiphytes with Terra Base?

Cooling effect of heat of vaporization to suppress surface temperature rise

Cloud forests in the tropical highlands are humid and cool. For this reason, some epiphytes such as small orchids that naturally grow in such environments are not good at temperature rise. Ceramic (unglazed) Terra Base creates a cool surface environment by the heat of vaporization effect.

In Terra Base, we are devising the manufacturing methods such as raw materials and baking temperature so that the water seeps over time and the heat of vaporization is effectively taken away. The water inside is kept for about one week.

Moderate humidity gradients, suitable for various types of epiphytes

As the water content decreases, the upper part of the Terra Base becomes dry and the lower part becomes wet, creating a humidity gradient. Identifying the characteristics of epiphytes and attaching them to suitable locations is the key point to successfully grow plants on Terra Base.

❶At the top of the Terra Base, a small epiphytic orchid is suitable. Epiphytic orchids grow roots by experiencing dry and moist conditions repeatedly. So, the upper part, where the plants become wet when water is added and dry slowly after that, is the ideal environment for them.

❷At the foot of cylinder, a group of ferns and Anubias are suitable. In particular, the roots of ferns are susceptible to dryness, and it is necessary to keep them constantly in wet condition. As the leaves will slump immediately after drying and take time to recover, care and constant observation must be taken.

❸The lowermost part is always immersed in water because the seeped water is accumulated in the bottom of a tank. We recommend not to tie moss on the bottom 2cm as it becomes not very clean even if wrapped with moss.

Making and daily management are easy with Terra Base
Just wrap your favourite epiphyte on the surface and put it in Neo Glass Air, etc., in which humidity can be easily adjusted. If you install the water tank by the bright windows that are not exposed to direct sunlight, you do not need a lighting equipment. Daily management is only refilling when the water in the Terra Base is depleted.

Fixing plants on Terra Base
Moss Cotton is suitable for winding mosses, and Riccia Line is suitable for fixing ferns and epiphytic orchids. Use both threads and wrap the plants around Terra Base. Then just put it in the aquarium tank and pour the water into the Terra Base.

Daily maintenance of Terra Base
Daily management is just refilling water. Sometimes take it out of the water tank and cut the leaves of dead moss and epiphytes. At that time, it is recommended to replenish the nutrients with Wabi-Kusa Mist.


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