DOOA Paluda Light 30 (C plug) - LED light


  • RGB LED lighting designed for paludariums
  • Straightforward design in classic black
  • Brilliant illumination of tropical plants
  • DOOA Quality from ADA

Paluda Light from DOOA is an RGB LED lamp, which is specially designed for the cultivation of tropical rainforest plants in small aquaria. The black lamp with its linear design is characterised by a special balance between red (R), green (G) and blue (B) light. This lighting is different from that used for growing aquatic plants. During the development of the Paluda Light, special attention was paid to a light that makes the leaves of the plants, e.g. of various begonia species, shine in the blue-green tones typical of the tropical rainforest. The colourfulness of wild small orchids is also highlighted by this light.

The RGB LED Paluda Light is a perfectly fitting accessory for the Paluda system with a tank width of 30 or 60 cm. However, it is also suitable for all other aquariums with corresponding dimensions.

Collections: Terrariums

Category: Lights

Type: Unknown Type

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