DOOA Magnet Light Stand


The DOOA Magnet Light Stand allows the illumination of a small tank or Wabikusa, like DOOA Neo Glass Air, with the DOOA Magnet Light G. On the upper part of the stand, there is a hole for the light’s power supply cord, so that it can be hidden behind the wide, exquisitely and timelessly designed arm. On the flat base of the stand, which is available in three different sizes, the appropriate aquarium tanks can be placed without effort. This also guarantees a secure hold of the lamp stand. The compatibility of DOOA tanks is listed below.

DOOA Magnet Light Stand – 15H
Height 36 cm
Width 16 cm
Depth 17 cm

DOOA Magnet Light Stand – 20L
Height 31 cm
Width 21 cm
Depth 22 cm

DOOA Magnet Light Stand – 20H
Height 41 cm
Width 21 cm
Depth 22 cm

DOOA Magnet Light Stand Appropriate Aquarium
Stand 15H Neo Glass Air W15×D15×H25, W15×D15×H30, Glass Pot SHIZUKU
Stand 20L Neo Glass Air W20×D20×H20, Glass Pot SHIZUKU
Stand 20H Neo Glass Air W20×D20×H30, W20×D20×H35


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