DOOA Glass Pot MARU is an excellently processed vessel with an elegant lid extra for small to very small aquatic plants. F. ex. anubias, bucephalandras, cryptocorynes, fern or moss. Therefore, this mini aquarium is a visual enrichment for every office and home where a little floral eye-catcher is desired. Previously released Glass Pot MARU from ADA is re-released anew from DOOA. Taking advantage of its special characteristic of the lids, you’ll be able to enjoy water cultivation of aquatic plants that prefer a humid environment such as Cryptocoryne and Lagenandora and growing some shade tolerant subtropical climbing plants such as Philodendron sp. ‘Papua New Guinea’ and Epiremnum aureum. It can be used for various purposes, let your imagination go wild!

Visual highlight
For small to very small aquatic plants
High-quality workmanship
Very decorative

DOOA – Glass Pot Maru
Height 14,6 cm
Diameter 9,5 cm

Collections: Terrariums

Category: Terrariums

Type: Unknown Type

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