Discus Bio-Gold


Scientifically formulated for discus, taking into account their need for higher protein levels. Additionally, discus are known to be finicky eaters by nature. The Discus Bio-Gold® granule has been manufactured to reduce the mess caused by a discus' normal eating routine and formulated with lots of natural flavor attractants to offer maximum acceptance. This diet has been used as an exclusive food for raising and breeding wild caught discus.
Scientifically Formulated For Success
Made from a perfect blend of proteins, indispensable amino acids and necessary vitamins and minerals
High in stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health
A usable protein level better than live foods
Expect extremely healthy growth rates
Natural color enhancing ingredients safely produce natural brilliant colors rapidly while helping definition too!
A Unique Granule With A Purpose
Porous granule immediately becomes soft and sponge-like, yet retains it's shape
Developed to meet the discus eating routine of repeatedly taking the food in and spitting it out
Will not dissolve or cloud the water
Free of parasites and bacteria common with live foods
Bio-Technology allows us to use the highest grade of caroteniods available today to help your fish look their best


Collections: Tropical

Category: Tropical, Tropical Food

Type: Dry Food

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