Cichlid Bio-Gold Plus Medium


A daily diet for cichlids utilizing bio-technology for superior coloration. Great for larger tropical fish requiring higher protein levels. Hikari® Cichlid ®Bio-Gold+ is the result of a technological breakthrough allowing us to include probiotics—beneficial living micro-organisms which provide many visible benefits.
Contains Our Proprietary Beneficial Living Microorganism - Hikari Germâ„¢(probiotics)
Super-charges the digestive process to utilize the nutrition in each pellet
Visible improvement in coloration
Accelerated growth potential
Visible waste reduction and improved water quality
Floating Pellet
Will not cloud the water
Allows easy monitoring of amount eaten to eliminate over-feeding
Excellent Daily Diet Containing Stabilized Vitamin C
Supports immune system health
Outstanding nutrition to promote a long, health-filled life


Collections: Tropical

Category: Tropical, Tropical Food

Type: Dry Food

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