Bio Cylinder Terrarium Kit

Bio Bowl

The Bio Cylinder is a DIY terrarium kit that provides hobbyists with essential basics to create a successful planted setup. Bio Cylinder includes an adjustable integrated light system and basic materials to get started. All you have to do is choose your favorite plants and hardscape! 

Key Features and Important Notes

  • Kit does not include driftwood or plants.
  • The Bio Cylinder is made from borosilicate glass and aluminum alloy materials.
  • Bio Cylinder's Included LED light provides a complete spectrum. The light features 3 brightness levels and 3 preset timer options to choose from.
  • LED light acts as a cover lid and features a slotted design to increase ventilation and allow for airflow.

    What's Included

    • Bio Cylinder Borosilicate Glass Container
    • LED Light
    • Substrate (2 types)
    • Sphagnum Moss
    • Seiryu Accent Stones

    Product Specifications

    Bio Cylinder 150

    • Dimensions: 11.61"H / Φ5.91"
    • Volume: 1.19 gallons / 4.5L
    • LED Count: 6
    • Color Temperature: 6500-7000K
    • Power: 6W / 5V DC input

    Bio Cylinder 200

    • Dimensions: 13.5"H / Φ7.87"
    • Volume: 2.48 gallons / 9.4L
    • LED Count: 6
    • Color Temperature: 6500-7000K
    • Power: 6W / 5V DC input


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