Aquael UniFilter


AQUAEL UNIFILTER is designed for the cleaning and aeration of aquarium water. The horizontal rotor chamber facilitates cleaning without the need to disassemble the filter. Since the filter can operate in the horizontal position, it is ideally suited for aquaterrariums and terrariums where turtles are kept. AQUAEL UNIFILTER is easy to operate; its performance can be controlled using the dial formed by the rotor dome. The direction of water outflow can be adjusted by up to 90°

The larger models, UNIFILTER 500, 750 and 1000, are equipped with a ceramic rotor axis for even quieter operation and enhanced durability.

The specially designed filter media chamber prevents water from flowing out of the filter and into the fish tank during water changes or when the filter is removed from the aquarium e.g. in order to change the water or wash the sponge.

To facilitate the maintenance of AQUAEL UNIFILTER, we provide two separate sponge cartridges, which can be separately removed and cleaned in turns. In this way, colonies of nitrifying bacteria, essential for nitrogen processes, are protected. In order to provide uninterrupted filtration, it is recommended that sponge filter cartridges should be cleaned in turns and independently of each other.

The filter can be hung on an aquarium wall in two ways: either the shorter or the longer side up, so it can be easily concealed behind decorations or plants



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Category: Filters, Tropical

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