ADA Begonia manaus


Begonia 'Manaus' is an ideal species for terrariums. Its leaves feature hair-like red trichomes that lend it a remarkable look. It is a hybrid of two other Begonia sp., namely B. thelmae and B. soli-mutata. Slightly larger than many other Begonia species, its leaves can grow up to 4" in diameter when given enough space to spread. Pruning, too, can help control the size and can even spur branching in this particular species. Moreover, it can produce small white flowers when planted in a terrarium.

  • Species: Begonia 'Manaus'
  • Native to: Originally from Brazil from Roberto Burle Marx
  • Temperature preferences: Warm growing
  • Water preferences: Medium to high moisture
  • Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Terrestrial


Category: Jungle Plants

Type: Unknown Type

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