Zetlight E100 Blasting Macro Algae LED Light


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Refugium lights require a specific wavelengths to grow algae and the Zetlight E100 has a 6000K single LED chip that spans all the required wavelengths. Spanning the spectrums required allows you to grow different types of algae all under a single light. Grow Chaetomorpha, Dragons Breath, Caulerpa and almost any other type of macroalgae under the E100.

Programming the E100 is super easy, just dial in the ramping controller to the intensity you desire and then connect the power cord to a timer or aquarium controller to control the on/off cycle of the light. We suggest using a 12 hour on/off cycle that is opposite of your display tanks lighting schedule. The light can be mounted to almost any style of tank that is up to 1.25" thick with the included gooseneck and mounting bracket.

Recommended Coverage - 12" x 12"

LED Specifications

1x 6000K @ 12W

Light Specifications:

Light Dimensions - 3.625" W x 1.375" H

Gooseneck Length - 11"

Total Lumens - 1000LM

Volatage - 120VAC

Total Power Consumption - 12W

Max Tank Thickness - 1.25"

Total Cord Length - 10ft

What's Included?

1x Zetlight E100 LED Light

1x Zetlight E100 Gooseneck

Collections: Marine, Tropical

Category: Led Fixtures, Marine, Tropical

Type: Unknown Type

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