Ultra Light (Over 12 Months)

Ultra Light (Over 12 Months)

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Royal Canin Ultra Light Chunks in Gravy wet cat food is formulated to help maintain healthy weight in adult cats 1 year and older

Helps your cat maintain muscle mass and a healthy weight with an appropriate level of calories

100% complete and balanced easy-to-open pouch pairs well with Royal Canin dry cat food

High protein supports lean muscle mass to promote a healthy lifestyle

Indoor cats tend to spend the majority of their days enjoying a life of leisure—whether napping, grooming, or grazing. But all that leisure time can result in extra pounds or digestive issues—and some less-than-ideal odors in their litter box.

Royal Canin Ultra Light Chunks in Gravy adult wet cat food is made to support your cat maintaining a healthy weight so they can live a magnificent life. This complete and balanced meal comes in a convenient pouch—in a chunky, meaty texture your cat will love—and features fewer calories than Royal Canin Adult Instinctive Chunks in Gravy to help your cat maintain a healthy weight. Plus, high protein levels maintain muscle mass to help them stay active and fit. Mix with Royal Canin Weight Care dry cat food for the perfect nutritional complement.