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AQUAEL has become the exclusive distributor in Poland of professional active substrates H.E.L.P. ADVANCED SOIL produced by the AquaCenteR division of the Japanese company Japan Pet Communications Co., Ltd.

Quality and Experience

The H.E.L.P. ADVANCED SOIL brand of aquarium substrates, now available from AQUAEL, is highly recognised by experienced aquarists in Japan and many other countries of the world. The ADVANCED SOIL formula is based on years of research and on an excellent knowledge of the needs of aquarium plants and animals.

Proven Formula

The unique H.E.L.P. ADVANCED SOIL formula ensures rapid tank maturation, facilitates the stabilization of optimum water conditions, and stimulates the growth of plants and shrimp in the aquarium. In these respects, the substrate are much superior to the conventional sand or gravel.

Perfect Structure

Due to the special structure of the substrates, beneficial substances are gradually released into the water. Thanks to the slow release, the substrates retain their properties for a long time and do not have to be frequently replaced.

H.E.L.P. ADVANCED SOIL SHRIMP is a substrate specially designed for shrimp tanks. It is composed of regularly shaped black grit with a grain size of ca. 2.5mm in diameter. The substrate includes natural components that have been carefully selected to create optimum water parameters for shrimp.

How does It Work?

  • improved water parameters – By using the H.E.L.P. ADVANCED SOIL SHRIMP substrate, you will be able to keep the carbonate hardness level at up to 3°d and the pH level within the range of 5.5-6.5. These water parameters enable trouble-free keeping and breeding of the most popular dwarf shrimps of the Caridina cf. cantonensis species, including even the most demanding, selectively bred Taiwan varieties (e.g. Panda, King Kong, and Red Wine) and of most other freshwater shrimp of the genera Caridina and Neocaridina.
  • natural humic acids – The substrate releases into the water large amounts of humic acids, which have a very favourable effect on the reproduction of shrimp (by increasing their desire to breed, facilitating the maturation and hatching of eggs and the raising of young shrimp). In addition, the substrate enhances the growth of aquatic plants, which constitute an essential component of shrimp’s environment, and provides an ideal habitat for beneficial filtering bacteria.
  • animal safety – The pleasant dark colour of the substrate makes the shrimp less skittish, increases their sense of comfort and security. Thanks to the dark background, your will derive great pleasure from observing the beautiful rich colours of your pets.

The substrate is sold in handy 3-litre bags. One bag suffices for the setting up of a standard shrimp tank.

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