Excel Medium


Hikari® Excel® is a scientifically formulated, color enhancing, daily diet with higher levels of Spirulina and Wheat-Germ in the ideal proportions to bring about great color and excellent sheen and luster too!
A Scientifically Formulated Diet Koi Love
Highly concentrated Wheat-Germ from the inner most portion of the kernel naturally offers higher levels of Vitamin-E which provides koi numerous benefits
A uniquely balanced diet rich in the necessary nutrients to support immune system health
Contains a precise amount of select, pure-cultured spirulina which naturally contains concentrated levels of carotenoids to help your koi develop their natural coloration and beauty
Expect an extraordinary glossy appearance and improved luster with continued exclusive use
Excellent for helping finish koi during a longer feeding period given its easily digested characteristics


Collections: Koi

Category: Koi, Koi Food

Type: Dry Food

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